Embedded System Conference (ESC)


What past partners have to say:


"Conference exposed me to some of the current hot topics in ES. It also helped in renewing interest in following practices like Code Inspections, especially through the lectures of Jack Ganssle."
Premod D M
Scientist - Embedded Systems Group
"The ESC was superb with respect to the topics covered and the dignitaries who covered them in a lucid manner. The presentation was simple and covering from basics so that anybody can understand."
VS Shenoi
Scientist - Embedded Systems Group
"The conference shared an in depth view of current and new trends in the embedded systems & the introduction of New products developed in the industry."
A Ram kumar
Diagnostic engineer - Product Support Diagnostic
Systems, VE Commercial vehicles ltd
"This conference is the perfect platform to know the latest trends in the embedded domain and also to meet different people from the embedded technology industry."
Manager - Engineering
"Meeting my expectations the conference made me understand the progress and its direction in embedded systems."
Pramod A
Senior Software Engineer
Lantiq Communications India Pvt Ltd
"The knowledge gained in the conference will be useful for our future products based on Cortex M3 architecture."
Yogita Dugad
Executive R&D Engineer
Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd
"Three parallel tracks help you to choose the right topics that you are interested in. Also the visit to the company stalls during breaks was very useful."
Sudhanshu Mishra
Lead Engineer
GE (General Electric)
"I got to know about the aspects to be taken care of while developing hw for embedded, embedded firware tips, debugging etc. "
"Technical content was good from firmware and SOC perspective. Mainly focused on Hardware-Firmware co-design aspects - process of development "
Sadhana Dabake
Project Manager
Honeywell Automation India Ltd.
"The conference was very useful in gaining insights on embedded technology advancements and trends. "
Dileep Kumar Cheni
Eaton Corporation
"Few of the sessions attended were informative; all the stalls from different companies showcased their work products and focus areas that were good to know."
Sayanna Chandula
Technical Manager
Path Partner Tech
"The level of productive interaction with the attendees to which the key speakers committed themselves, both during and outside of the sessions, ensured that the takeaways from the conference were much better than what the sessions themselves would provide standalone."
Ram Mohan R.K.
Technical Consultant
Accel Frontline Limited
"Workshop on "Hardware" & "Firmware" interface (Day 1) was very good. Presentation on "Introduction - NFC" was excellent."
Srinivas Vinjamara
Principle Engineer
Lantiq Communications India Pvt Ltd
"I am an RTL designer, working on SoC IP design for the first time, all alone and was finding it challenging to have the proper debugging techniques for the hardware blocks. The D1T1 session helped to understand the expected hiccups in the SoC design life cycle and helped me to understand the software aspects of hardware interaction better."
Jayasuriya R.
Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
"This is a good platform to learn from various different domain and if you are looking for a specific subject, some experts are available as well. You can network and connect with various engineers in this event."
Gajanan Bhatarkar
Lead Engineer
Eaton India Engineering Center
"It has been very absorbing attending the conference. Technical sessions were excellent with multiple tracks covering the industry trends. The interaction with the exhibitors was very useful, especially showcasing of product offerings through demos and prototypes."
Achuth Nayak K
"The conference should have had more emphasis on quality presentations from renowned personalities. The long running tracks from Gary, Neill and Karim were fantastic, other discrete presentations were not up to the mark. The presentations from selected technical paper were also not to the satisfactory level. They might have been given more time or selected based on the content of the presentation they are talking about. And there were turn-offs due to 11th hour changes such as Rajeev Nair. A embedded professional would not want that to happen as he has come all the way investing his time and on behalf of his company."
Yogendra Namjoshi
Dy. Manager – Technology
Crompton Greaves Limited
"Indeed it was useful, in a case to listen the core technology speakers and learning from their expert experience and teaching which helped us to understand the new technology trends and market response."
Vijay Nikam
Sr. Engineer
Mitsubishi Electric India
"Some sessions were very good - e.g. presentation by Mr. Niall Cooling on Cortex-M. However, the conference could have been bit more exciting with some more innovative presentations. Even the stalls and demos put up were not very exciting."
Priya Shukla
Technical Lead
Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions
"This is a fantastic place where all the experts come under one roof and discusses various technologies in detail and understand the breadth and depth in a short while."
Hari Krishna
Engineering Technical Leader
"The conference was very informative, especially regarding the FPGA and other newer updates in the technologies. The commercially established stalls were also useful to give us the updates and usefulness of their products in today's market."
Archana Krishnan
SeniorSoftware Engineer
"This conference was very Useful in order to know the basics of embedded and also to interact with domain experts. I loved the approach of the presenters to involve the crowd in almost all the sessions and made it interactive. I would like to be part of further such conferences."
Praveen Seetharam
Senior R&D engineer
Nokia Siemens networks
"The conference provided me a good opportunity to interact with various experts across domains. Most of the speakers were excellent and the conference was very well organized."
Rohith K A
R&D Engineer
Nokia Siemens Networks
"Conference exposed me to some of the current hot topics in ES. It also helped in renewing interest in following practices like Code Inspections, especially through the lectures of Jack Ganssle."
Premod D M
"Very Good Conference! A nice blend of theory, experience, and how-to with nice presentations by experts in the field."
Ali Syed
Lead Software Engineer
Advanced Electronics Company
"It was good to hear Jack Ganssale and Rob Oshana. It was good review of issues seen in embedded world and compare own experience with experts view."
Diganta Bhattacharjee
Principal Engineer
Sasken Communications Technologies Ltd
"It helped in understanding the solutions to the most basic obvious problems in the industry. It helped to get some insight on the latest technology trends"
Amarnath Reddy J
Technical Leader
Ge Energy
"It gives you an inspiration to explore new things those happing in the current market. Also experienced person's session provides information about the small but important points. Also we meet the different peoples of the same field under one roof."
Amit Joshi
Software Programmer
"The ESC-2013 was a very good platform to know about current happenings in the industry. Design practices, updates are very well presented by the faculty taking part in the conference. It is a must-visit for people at all levels of design, development, testing, marketing."
Kalpak Nikumbh
Senior Design Engineer - Lead (Software)
IFM engineering pvt ltd
"The conference provided a wide picture on the emerging trends in embedded market. The exhibits did provide a range of products which applies to embedded applications."
Ganalekshmi G P
"The ESC-2013 was superb with respect to the topics covered and the dignitaries who covered them in a lucid manner. The presentation was simple and covering from basics so that anybody can understand. However no topics were going much deeper into - probably separate focused sessions/workshops would be useful"
VS Shenoi
"Embedded Systems Conference in Bangalore enabled the domain folks to hear from experts on new developments. Practical hands on experience helped the participants to gauge the capabilities of development tools."
Program Manager
"The technical discussions from the experts provided some interesting insights which can be directly applied into day to day work. The various products on display were also gave a direct experience, which would otherwise be difficult."
Rajiv B.L.
Wipro Technologies
"We started working on Embedded Linux recently and the debugging Linux topic in the conference helped us a lot to explore and adapt in our regular development work."
Pradeep Kumar C
Hewlett Packard
"The conference was a very comprehensive one as it exhibited a wide variety of content. Full points to the speaker, Mr Dan Saks. I was in awe after his session on C."
Anvitha N Hegde
Software Engineer
"It was a good opportunity to hear sessions from renowned embedded software specialists like Bill Glatiff, Mike Anderson etc"
Shiras Pallikkara
Senior Technical Specialist
Philips India Limited
"Learned about the misunderstood and little known features of C. Also learned about using the C effectively for embedded designs."
Suhas Koparde
Project Lead
Honeywell Automation India Ltd
"ESC 2014 had given me a chance to understand the new trends in embedded system. It was a good experience. Thanks a lot."
Hiran M.K.
Senior Engineer
Bharat Electronics Limited
"Had a chance to meet engineers working in similar domain, understand the market requirements technical conferences were in-depth and are directly applicable to the work environment."
System specialist
Toshiba Software India Pvt Ltd
"As there are very good new technology is the embedded market, ESC 2014 gives us a platform to get known with it, the experts ESC 2014 have are very good in their particular fields. It helps to build our knowledge in Embedded Systems , Thank You."
Pralhad Jagtap
Arvind Limited
"Learned new things about C coding, debugging etc. Also came to know the automotive basics, and design precautions for it."
Mahesh Bhosale
Project Manager
"This conference wasn't really useful as mostly speakers rushed through topic by simply reading the slides."
Shanti Bushan Sharma
Sr Manager
Xilinx India pvt ltd
"Effective networking and contact development. Helpful insights from invited speakers from outside India."
Pinaki Sengupta
Project Leader
Wipro Technologies
"The final day by "Dan Saks" was very good. It would have been better to find better speakers for other sessions as well. For example, on second day I attended the Security related."
Trinadha Harish Babu P
Module Lead
"Conference has been very helpful in getting insights about new trends in the embedded and networking technology and gained knowledge on developing defect free code in less time."
Mithun M L
Technical Lead
Wipro technologies
"I was able to get in touch with a company that will help perform fast prototyping for my company and to understand some of the problems that we face in our development and also initiated steps to solve them."
P Kiran Kumar
Technical Lead
"The conference was very good, mixed with different topics and the Dan Saks talk on C programming was excellent on the final day. Looking forward for the ESC 2015"
Karthik Ainala
Research Associate
Amrita Cybersecurity
"Had the chance to learn about android based development Many features of C language which is very useful for many of the embedded developers Safety critical application development which shall comply ISO standards."
Ramasubramanian Madasamy
Lead Technical Architect
Continental Automotive
"Well the conference did help in obtaining the insights on latest technologies like Modern debugging techniques, Intricacies of the Programming language C and Networking."
Balamurugan Venkatesh
Tech Lead
Honeywell Technology Solutions
"It was a pleasure to be a part of the learning opportunity at the ESC event"
Ravi Subramanian
Embedded Systems and Internet Of Things
"It was a great pleasure working again with ESC India! I'm already looking forward to next year. This year's recipe worked well enough for me financially, and the gratification I have received from the delegates has more than offset the difference in your favor. I'm impressed with the quality of the ESC India experience overall. The shows in the 'States are of course much larger, but they lack the humanity and enthusiasm that you've managed to capture. I prefer your product, when given the choice"
Bill Gatliff
ESC 2016 Master Trainer and Embedded systems consultant
"It was great to participate in another ESC conference! I hope it was as successful as it seemed to be from my vantage point"
Robert Oshana
Director of Global Software R&D and Enablement & Digital Networking
NXP Semiconductors
"It was our pleasure to be a part of ESC2016. We had a wonderful experience in presenting our work. Thanks for all the support and help"
Jay Shah
Lead Application Engineer
Cadence Design Systems
"Congratulations. Very well organized conference"
Bhanumathi K S
Convener SIG-Formal Methods
Computer Society of India (CSI)
"Thanks for the opportunity. I really enjoyed the networking opportunities provided by ESC"
Vidyashankar MN
India Electronics & Semiconductor Association
"It was great pleasure to be part of this event"
Dr. S Prakash
Computer Society of India (CSI) Bengaluru Chapter