Embedded System Conference (ESC)

Bill Gatliff


Embedded Systems Consultant

Bill Gatliff is a freelance embedded systems consultant. He specialises in development and training services related to Linux, the GNU toolchain, and other Free and Open Source software and hardware products. He has a strong background and interest in other types of embedded systems, including those based on RTOSes like eCos and uC/OS-II. He also works as an Expert Witness from time to time, in legal proceedings that involve embedded devices and technology.

He has vast experience in adapting and using GNU tools for embedded development. His specialties are setting up GNU toolchains, integrating the tools with custom hardware, and producing remote debugging agents that allows step code and set breakpoints in your own embedded systems. He also ports Linux and NetBSD to embedded systems of all kinds.

He frequently is called on to provide detailed technical and forensic analysis of electronic devices, and to offer litigation support and expert witness services in cases where high technology is a concern. He also acts as a Contributing Editor for Embedded Systems Programming Magazine, and a presenter and member of the Advisory Panel for the Embedded Systems Conference. He has several articles and quotations published in national and international magazines as well.

Robert Oshana


Global Software R&D

Robert Oshana is Director of Software R&D for Microcontroller products at NXP Semiconductors, and chairman of the NXP Software Council. He is also an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University and University of Texas where he teaches graduate software engineering and embedded systems courses. Rob has over 30 years of experience as a software leader with experience in embedded systems, software engineering, software quality and process, and leading global development teams. He is a senior member of IEEE and serves on multiple industry advisory boards. He is author of over 100 papers, several books on embedded software including “Software Engineering for Embedded Systems” and “Multicore Software Development Techniques” and a recognized international speaker.


Master Class Format | Workshop of 75 or 80 minutes | 4 sessions
Embedded Optimization Techniques
Session 1: General embedded optimization techniques
Session 2: Embedded software architecture and design optimizations
Session 3: Code optimizations for embedded systems
Session 4: Optimization techniques for multicore processors

Special Open Session | Presentation of 75 or 80 minutes | 1 session
Multicore Software Development Technologies

Dr. Jim Cooling, B.Sc., Ph.D., CEng, FIET, MIEEE.

Consultant and partner

Lindentree Associates

He has been actively involved in the development of microprocessor-based real-time embedded systems for more than 40 years, including both hardware and software. Hardware designs have used a variety of devices, ranging from the Intel 8080 to the latest microcontrollers such as the STM32Fx and NXP LP176x series. Programming languages used for this work included Assembly, CORAL66, PL/M-51/80/86, real-time BASIC, embedded PASCAL, Modula-2, Ada, C and C++. Both structured and OO-based software design methods have been used, including Yourdon/Ward-Mellor and UML, supported by a variety of CASE tools.

He has published six print books and three eBooks on various topics relating to real-time embedded systems (one being translated to Japanese). Publications also include more than 60 conference and journal papers, mainly concerned with real-time systems and related issues. During this period his work has included consultancy services for numerous companies. In this role he has been responsible for a wide range of functions including hardware and software R&D, system studies and the development of specialist training courses. He has delivered such courses to industry for more than 30 years.


Special Open Session | Presentation of 75 or 80 minutes | 1 session
The engineering of real-time embedded systems : Why software needs to be developed using rigorous engineering-based methods

Master Class Format | Workshop of 75 or 80 minutes | 4 sessions
Real-Time Operating Systems for embedded applications
Session 1: Real-time operating systems - Scheduling - concepts and implementation
Session 2: Control of shared resources - mutual exclusion & Shared resources and contention issues
Session 3: Memory usage and management
Session 4: Multiprocessor systems & Example application: using an RTOS in a small real-time embedded system.

Ian Carvalho

Principal Architect

Global Edge Software Limited

Contributing to the success of the organization, Ian Carvalho, Principal Architect, has been involved in all the technology initiatives, right from idea generation, concept, design and implementation, to post-launch & support. Having dealt with a multitude of technologies, Ian has developed a deep expertise of the embedded world, thus defining the technological direction at GlobalEdge. A passion for technology and a deep understanding of the next-generation systems, Ian has helped GlobalEdge develop a strong backbone of cutting-edge product engineering solutions. 

Artem Sidyakin

Sales Engineer

The Qt Company

Artem has a degree in computer science. He started his developer career working with Qt framework in a B2B software company. Later he worked for some time in a commercial bank, taking part in enterprise development with Java and .NET stack. Nowadays he is a sales engineer in The Qt Company, supporting business development teams, and his experience in different frameworks and software stacks is quite useful in his line of duty.

Mohandas U


Consortium of Electronic Industries of Karnataka

Subodh Patil


Brisa Technologies

Chakradhar Borkute


Qualit├Ąt Systems

Sanjeev Keskar

Managing Director India

Arrow Electronics

AnilKumar Muniswamy

Founding Director

SLN Technologies Pvt Ltd

Somshubhro Pal Choudhury

Managing Director

Analog Devices

Jayraj Ugarkar

Head - Internet of Things CoE


Manish Misra

India Center Head & Sr. Director Engineering & Innovation

HID Global

N K Mohapatra


Electronics & Hardware Electronic Sector Skill Council of India

N.K Mohapatra(N.K.M) completed his B-tech in Electronics & communication engineering from IIT Kharagpur in 1977 & M-Tech in Management System from IIT Delhi in 1990. He has rich experience of 37 Years in R&D, Manufacturing, and Sales Services of Communications equipment. He has worked in various reputed organizations starting with Bharat Electronics (R&D), Hewlett Packard (Field Sales & Tech Support), Shyam Electronics/ Telecom (R&D & Sales), UTstarcom (Sales), Midas Communication (Sales).

NKM specializes in new product positioning in emerging markets and have represented establishing export business for Indian Telecom products in South East Asia, SAARC Countries

Currently NKM leading Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI) as C.E.O.

Dr. S. Prakash


Computer Society of India

Atanu Roy Chowdhury



Atanu Roy Chowdhury is a technology enthusiast with interests in constrained sensor networks and connected solutions. He leads technical sales at Altiux Innovations, a leading Bangalore based PES organization focusing on IOT. Atanu holds post graduate degrees in Computer Science from IIT Guwahati and Harvard University and is a senior member of IEEE.

Rajat Mehra



Prabhu Nagavi

Marketing & Business Development Manager


M N Vidyashankar


India Electronics and Semiconductor Association

M P Kumar

CEO & Founder

Global Edge Software

Hemant Agrawal


Gururaj Padaki

Saankhya Labs Pvt Ltd

Raviteja Chivukula

National Instruments

Ashwini Doddappa

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited

Muniraju Pulipalyam


Sethupathy Ramachandran

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited Altiux

Mihir Mody

Texas Instruments India Ltd

Siji Sunny


Melwin Abraham Christopher

Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions


Mallikarjun Bailammanavar

Infineon Technologies

Srinivasa Moorthy

AP Electronics & IT Agency Fundamentals


Shaji NM

QuEST Global Engineering Services

Avinash John &
Jay Shah

Cadence Design Systems India


Sandeep Malik

Freescale Semiconductor

Praveen Wadikar



Narendra Joshi

Cadence Design Systems India

Sudhakar Nagbushanam

Wipro Technologies


Shanmuga Sunder T

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions

Ganesan Kaliamoorthy

Wipro GE Healthcare


Avinash Jois

Tantragyaan Solutions

Ninad Deshpande

B&R Industrial Automation


Vinay Zalake

UTC Aerospace Systems